The global pandemic is affecting all aspects of life as we know it including the business world specifically, sales. Sales teams typically on the road every day or in and out of meetings have found themselves working from home and holding virtual meetings. Some businesses are scaling back operations and completely rethinking their selling strategies. In a world of unknowns, it is important to maintain best practices and processes for your sales team. An article from Thrive Global discusses four best practices for sales professionals in this pandemic, which we highlight below.  


    Whether you are a CRM expert or looking to implement a CRM for the first time, it is widely understood the importance of using a CRM for your business. In fact, according to SmallBizGenius, 91% of business with 10 or more employees use a CRM. That number should be proof enough that if you want to be successful, CRM is a tool you should seriously consider implementing for you team.  

    A CRM is used to build strategies on how to manage relationships with your customers and your potential customers. The technology and features within a CRM application allow teams to define workflow processes that allow it to become customer centric. An article from Visma Blog defines three areas of importance of a CRM application.  


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