Last spring, sales departments that had CRM in place were more prepared for the switch to remote prospecting than those that used a disparate collection of software. As a solution, a tool like AMPED could help businesses communicate in a natural way and track the efficacy of their new remote approach.

    AMPED helps sales teams to prospect remotely and adhere to a schedule of follow-up activities. Crucially, managers can also see at a glance that reps are meeting their targets. These two ingredients make AMPED the ideal product for remote work.

    You may decide to allow for full-time remote flexibility on a permanent basis, given current trends. More immediately, sales reps may have to do prospecting from home again when flu season hits. Let’s take a glance at three important statistics about remote work to shed some light on the issue.


    You go the distance to build meaningful customer relationships. When your team suddenly had to adapt from prospecting in person, it likely raised challenges. Communication in today’s environment doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire sales strategy, but how do you choose what tools will help you fill in the gaps of your remote prospecting?

    The simplest approach to make this vital decision is to narrow down what tool will help you communicate in the way that best suits your business. Email, texts, and phone calls are replacing what used to be accomplished through an in-person meeting. Read on to learn about the importance of technology in facilitating distanced sales communication.


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