A business does not magically grow overnight. Sales, revenue, and overall success takes time to develop. But what if you are spending time and resources on marketing and prospecting trying to grow your business and the orders simply are not coming in? How do you know where or what the problem is with your strategy? Understanding where the problem lies is the first step in modifying your strategy and increasing your sales. Rahul Varshneya, a writer for Entrepreneur, lists five reasons why your sales may be stuck in a rut. We highlight them below. 


    The global pandemic is affecting all aspects of life as we know it including the business world specifically, sales. Sales teams typically on the road every day or in and out of meetings have found themselves working from home and holding virtual meetings. Some businesses are scaling back operations and completely rethinking their selling strategies. In a world of unknowns, it is important to maintain best practices and processes for your sales team. An article from Thrive Global discusses four best practices for sales professionals in this pandemic, which we highlight below.  


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