Businesses use many applications to perform their daily sales activities. Google offers several productivity tools like G-Mail, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar to help you accomplish your work. These applications are great, but what they don’t offer is a way to keep all your data in one application with the ability to report on and gain insights into your data. That is where a CRM application, like AMPED, comes in. AMPED can track and manage all your activities, leads, accounts, and opportunities and provide insights into your data so you understand which processes are bringing you in the most money.

    If you are a user of G-Suite and a user of AMPED, and you want a way to integrate your applications to streamline your productivity, look no further. Zapier is a tool that connects your sales pipeline with the external tools you use, all without any coding required.

    Below are just three examples of how you can integrate AMPED with your Google tools.

    You put so much time, thought, and effort into building your business. Choosing a CRM can seem as insurmountable as starting that business, but it does not have to be.  With so many applications available, how do you know which CRM is the right one to choose? Rather than focusing on a CRM brand and product, focus on the features you need to be successful. Once you understand your core criteria, you can narrow down the offerings to those that most closely suit your business.  Forbes lists five must-have features for your CRM, which we highlight below so you can kick off your search. 


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