Now you can connect AMPED with thousands of best-in-class web services across all use cases

    AMPED now connects with Zapier to allow you to automatically share data between application web services without writing a single line of code.

    From posting your newsletters on social media to replicating mailing lists or capturing customers as new subscribers, you'll find a wealth of pre-made solutions (“Zaps”) for any given use case. Plus, you have the ability to create your own custom Zaps.

    Got a complex pipeline? With AMPED's Zapier connections you can:

    Use Multi-Step Zaps to trigger any number of actions based on a single event for powerful automated workflows that can span multiple apps

    Look up items through Search Actions or easily create them if they don't exist

    Retrieve additional details from a single piece of data like an email address

    Use filters to only trigger your Zaps when specific conditions are met

    Enhance productivity and empower sales teams to close more and increase retention

    Connect mission-critical apps with enterprise-level security

    With AMPED and Zapier, you don't have to worry about custom code or APIs ever again!

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