Some CRMs can transform into a system of bells and whistles if you don’t have the time and manpower to stay on top of them. AMPED makes it simpler. While the features bigger CRMs offer accomplish specific goals, the goals are often not to bring you closer to closing deals.

    Sales teams that implement complex CRMs have their own reasons for going through the effort, but most of us live in the day-to-day world of sales, where closing a deal is more important than understanding some nuance of the marketplace.

    We understand that you want visibility into your prospects’ place in the sales cycle, and AMPED can help you pinpoint this information intuitively and efficiently.

    Want to know what CRM features are truly necessary for closing deals? Here is a comprehensive list of the ones you need to engage with prospects, streamline the sales process, and maximize sales.


    When you go to the dealership to test-drive a new car, it’s helpful to know what you’re looking for. You may have different preferences from someone else who’s thinking about purchasing the same car. The same should be true when you demo a CRM.

    Features that would work for another business may not be at the top of your list of desired features. So, before you demo a CRM, write down the answers to the following questions, which will help you understand a CRM’s future impact on your sales strategy.


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