How To Tell What CRM Features Are Necessary For Closing Deals

    Some CRMs can transform into a system of bells and whistles if you don’t have the time and manpower to stay on top of them. AMPED makes it simpler. While the features bigger CRMs offer accomplish specific goals, the goals are often not to bring you closer to closing deals.

    Sales teams that implement complex CRMs have their own reasons for going through the effort, but most of us live in the day-to-day world of sales, where closing a deal is more important than understanding some nuance of the marketplace.

    We understand that you want visibility into your prospects’ place in the sales cycle, and AMPED can help you pinpoint this information intuitively and efficiently.

    Want to know what CRM features are truly necessary for closing deals? Here is a comprehensive list of the ones you need to engage with prospects, streamline the sales process, and maximize sales.



    If your sales team is going to use a CRM, it should help reps save time. AMPED’s Click-To-Dial feature allows reps to automatically dial, log calls, and schedule a follow-up with one click. This helps to increase productivity and eliminate manual dialing and data entry. By making more calls, reps have the opportunity to close more deals.


    Dashboards & Reporting

    Your sales managers can lead their teams with greater efficacy when they have data to help make decisions about their sales strategy. AMPED enables you to transform your data into transparent and actionable insights that power analysis and better forecasting for your business. In other words, sales managers can better predict the outcome of the decisions they make based on the data AMPED provides.



    Most sales departments use a host of technology tools, and your CRM should play well with them. Set yourself up for success. Connect AMPED with the productivity and sales-boosting tools you use every day like Zapier, Twilio, MAXvoice and most email service providers. By connecting with the tools you already use, AMPED helps you save time and streamline the sales process.


    Unified Communications

    AMPED allows sales reps to call, email, and text prospects right within the CRM. Automatically track and manage of all of your communication activities in one place for a 360-degree view of touchpoints and outcomes. This will allow your team to communicate with customers in the channel with the highest engagement and also save time that would be spent switching between tools.


    Mobile CRM

    AMPED enables you to take your sales efforts mobile by providing access to important contact and opportunity information on the go. Help your reps meet their sales quotas whether they are in or out of the office. Reps will never miss a communication touchpoint or an opportunity to close while in the field.


    Campaign Management

    With AMPED, you can manage, project, and analyze marketing campaigns so you can understand and replicate marketing outreach success. For example, if you send out an email to a list of prospects, you can set a rule to send prospects that don’t open it the message a second time. You can also schedule follow up emails and text messages after a certain number of days to prospects on specific lists targeted to their place in the sales cycle or other attributes you want to constrain your rules to.


    Broadcast Communication

    AMPED makes connecting with your prospects easier. With broadcast communications, you can reach your entire audience with one click. AMPED helps you customize your message, send, and automatically track message views for real-time results and effortless follow-up.


    In contrast to complex CRMs that can quickly become a time investment you weren’t counting on, AMPED’s simple and easy sales CRM will help you manage the selling process from lead to closing. Get actionable insights so you can increase your sales with less effort. With AMPED, you will always have customer information at your fingertips so no deal ready to close slips through the cracks again.

    Ready to see how AMPED’s powerful features can help you elevate your sales revenue? Try it for free today!   

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