3 Reasons Why AMPED Is The Multi-Tool Pocket Knife Of CRMs

    Sometimes sales is like being out in the wilderness. Without the right equipment and sales strategy, you can feel susceptible to the elements. Just as you wouldn’t go on a camping trip without the proper gear, you shouldn’t send your sales reps out into the field without the proper tools.

    AMPED equips your team with the tools and insights they need to succeed in the often-risky rough country of sales. Read on to discover three reasons why AMPED is the multi-tool pocket knife of CRMs.


    1. AMPED Organizes The Tools You Need To Make Sales

    AMPED offers an intuitive organization of communications and sales information for successful customer engagement and opportunity management. This combination of tools helps to promote efficiency in the sales process.

    You can also connect AMPED with the productivity and sales-boosting tools you use every day like Zapier, Twilio, MAXvoice, Gmail, and Outlook.

    With Click-To-Dial, reps can automatically dial, log calls, and schedule a follow-up with one click. This enables your team to increase productivity and eliminate manual dialing and data entry.

    Using all of the sales tools you need right within your CRM increases the efficiency of business processes because you can execute tasks in a specific order with visibility into what the clear next steps are from one touchpoint to the next.


    2. Sales Reps Can Take AMPED With Them In The Field

    AMPED offers access to important contact and opportunity information on the go. Reps will never miss a communication touchpoint, sales quota, or opportunity to close while in the field. AMPED’s mobile app allows sales reps to communicate with prospects, check the status of leads, and log information on-the-go.

    Your team can boost relationships by reaching out to customers anytime, anywhere via call, email, or SMS text message.


    3. AMPED Has All Of The Tools You Need Without Being Unwieldy

    Trying to manage a burdensome number of tools can create inefficiencies in the sales process. AMPED gives companies an advantage because it offers all of the features sales reps need – without any complications that would require an IT person to figure out. With AMPED, you have a clear path to maximizing sales with no barricades in your way.

    This is essential from a business perspective because sales reps won’t have to waste valuable time – which could be spent making sales – trying to work within a complicated CRM. Additionally, AMPED takes less time to set up, so you can start streamlining the sales process to close deals sooner.


    Want to help your sales team sell smarter? AMPED's powerful tools allow you to automatically capture data and get instant insights. Organize your sales information, daily activities and deals so you can work more efficiently and close opportunities faster, increasing sales revenue. To learn more, visit www.amped.ai

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