What Does AMPED Do?

    Many people ask us, what does AMPED do? Is CRM just bells and whistles? The short answer is that AMPED streamlines the sales process from lead to close, helping your reps sell smarter and your team to generate more revenue. Read on to learn exactly how.


    Automatically Captures Activities

    Sales reps want to focus and spend their time maximizing sales. They do not want to have to worry about logging every call they place or email they send just to meet an activity quota (the good reps at least).

    That is where AMPED comes into play. With features like automatic call and SMS logging and email association, the application will eliminate that manual effort so reps can focus on meeting sales quotas and closing more deals.

    A good CRM will automatically capture these activities for you. A great CRM will help you schedule follow-up activities and give you actionable insights on your activity data.

    As a sales rep, you want to see the last time you have held an activity with a prospect or client, whether it be a call, SMS, or email so you can determine when you should schedule your follow up efforts. It is important to know when the last activity was, but it is even more important to know when to schedule the follow up. That is another area where AMPED can help.

    AMPED can recognize when someone has not been contacted in “x” amount of days and automatically schedule an activity for you. So, the next time you log in to your CRM, you will see that activity and be reminded to follow up with your clients. 


    Keeps Customer Information At Your Fingertips

    AMPED provides you with a simplistic and user-friendly organization of your sales records, from leads to activities, calls, and emails. Your sales team will easily be able to see who they need to reach out to with custom list views displaying which prospects they have not contacted and the last date and time they contacted someone, so they can follow-up appropriately.

    If you still need convincing, take a look at these stats provided by G2’s Learning Hub: CRM applications can help increase sales by up to 29 percent, sales productivity by up to 34 percent, and sales forecast accuracy by 42 percent. The data speaks for itself and should provide a little nudge to think about if a CRM should be a part of your sales strategy.


    Streamlines Workflow

    AMPED is meant to enhance your sales workflows. It should allow your reps to understand what they need to do to be successful anytime they log in to the application. Not only should they easily be able to find their prospects to start reaching out, but they should be able to see who they have already contacted and follow up appropriately.

    Speaking of reaching out and following up to your prospects, a CRM should provide features that make communicating more efficient. For example, click-to-dial and automatic activity logging helps fuel the sales process by eliminating manual effort. AMPED holds the features your team needs to improve its sales workflow. You just need to know how to leverage them.


    Integrates With Other Tools

    A CRM will most likely not be the only sales-boosting tool your team is using, but it should get along well with others. AMPED can integrate with your other tools and functions as the hub that your other tools work through.

    Your contracts, invoices, or email marketing efforts seamlessly integrate into AMPED, helping sales managers to have a full understanding of every aspect of a sale. 

    All-in-all, technology is changing the way we do business, and it is of upmost importance that sales managers leverage that technology to improve their teams. 



    AMPED is a CRM application designed to benefit every member of a sales team. AMPED contains features like one-click calling and emailing that help sales managers improve their sales processes and allow their teams to communicate with one another, so nobody misses a beat.

    As a sales manager you need to know what your team is accomplishing, and with automated emails and insightful reports, AMPED gives managers the information they need to help their teams be successful.

    Try AMPED for free today at https://amped.ai/free-trial.

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