Five Necessary CRM features that will Maximize your Sales

    You put so much time, thought, and effort into building your business. Choosing a CRM can seem as insurmountable as starting that business, but it does not have to be.  With so many applications available, how do you know which CRM is the right one to choose? Rather than focusing on a CRM brand and product, focus on the features you need to be successful. Once you understand your core criteria, you can narrow down the offerings to those that most closely suit your business.  Forbes lists five must-have features for your CRM which we highlight below to kick off your search. 


    1. Interaction Tracking 

    Typically, a lead does not run a quick search on your product and decide to purchase it all in one go (that would be great though, wouldn’t it!). There is a process of interactions from the first time a lead is communicated with, to the time they purchase your offering, and ongoing customer relationship thereafter. The need to track that entire process is mandatory to learn more about your customer base and to determine if your processes and strategies are working. A CRM should be able to track every email, phone call, text, meeting, product demonstration, and so on that a sales rep has with a customer. Additionally, if more than one sales rep has contacted the lead, you need to see who handled each interaction. A good CRM gives you that information.  


    2. Document Management 

    To keep sales, marketing, and support all on the same page, document sharing, and uploading is pivotal. You should be able to upload important documents like proposals, contracts, or technical specifications directly to the lead or customer so that members of each department can easily access the information they need, when they need it. Document sharing and a way to collaborate with all users of your CRM is also important as it streamlines communications among teams.  


    3. Mobile CRM 

    Sales is a job that never turns off. Even if you mostly sell from an office, if a prospect reaches out to you after office hours wanting to purchase, you close that deal. All sales reps need to be able to access their data from a mobile app, especially those outside reps primarily on the road. A strong CRM mobile app allows reps to update leads, view upcoming activities, view their pipeline, automatically track calls placed on their mobile phone, and check up on records without the need for a laptop or computer.


    4. Integrations, Integrations, and More Integrations 

    A CRM will not be the only sales-enhancing tool your team uses, but it should mothership that all other tools flow into. By integrating with other applications, you can pull data from other resources into the CRM or send information from the CRM to the other applications. This helps your reps have everything the need in one application and saves them time by not flipping through multiple applications trying to find the data they need.  

    Find out if the CRM you are considering can be integrated with the tools you are currently using to enhance your sales.  


    5. An In-App Caller 

    The phone is the primary way to get in touch with decision makers and is relied on by all types of sales teams. There is no longer a need to pick up a phone and manually dial every number you need to call on a given day. With call features like click-to-dial and automatic call logging, in-app phone integration is a must have with your CRM. These time-saving benefits help you quickly call your prospect lists and increase the number of people you can contact in a day.  


    As you understand more about your business and what you expect from a CRM, you will see the list of required features grow. Do not forget though, these five are core features that will help you maximize your sales.  

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