Consider Introducing Two-Way SMS Marketing for your Business

    Let’s face it, people cannot go 30 seconds without looking at their phone. With daily communication running through text messaging, why not consider using SMS for business? According to a study by TaTango, 90 percent of text messages are opened within three minutes giving you a clear-cut avenue to capture the attention of your audience. Instead of thinking of SMS messaging as a tool to send promotions or offers, think of it as a way to start a two-way conversation with a consumer. 

    The way we normally think about SMS marketing is related to one-way promotional campaigns where there is no interaction after the message is received. With two-way SMS marketing, it is a conversation. Two-way texting allows the consumer to reply to your original message or send a message directly to you. Rather than going to a support box that could go hours, if not days, with a response – with two-way messaging, you can instantly respond to your request through a text. In fact, a study run by Zapier found that “this quick and personal way of talking with customers leads to up to 24 percent higher conversion”. Personal conversations with quick response times leave a pleasant memory in the consumers mind and builds a strong customer relationship leaving them more willing to interact with or purchase from you again.  

    Now that we have defined what two-way SMS marketing is and how it can help improve your customer relationships, let us dig into some effective ways to leverage this strategy. 


    Recover More Abandoned Carts 

    Consumers often place items in their online cart and fill out contact information but never go through with the purchase. Two-way SMS messaging allows you to send a short, personal text to kindly nudge the consumer in the direction of making a purchase. You can send a discount if they purchase within the next hour or ask if they have any questions about the product. The consumer can then respond directly to your text with any questions they might have. In a case study with Embr Labs, it was found “that abandoned cart texts can recover twice as many carts as abandoned cart emails”. 


    Increase Website Conversion and Optimize User Experience 

    Consumers go to your product site for several reasons: looking for more information on your offerings, trying to find an FAQ section, or returning an item for a refund. No matter the reason, if the consumer is unfamiliar with your site, they may feel overwhelmed looking through all the details of your site. That is where two-way SMS messaging comes in. By simply adding a “Text Us!” link, or placing a phone-number with the option to send a text to available on your site, it gives the consumer an option to send a quick question or comment and lets you send a quick, personal response. The more avenues you use to communicate with your consumers, the greater opportunity you have to build strong customer relationships.  


    Texting is not a new form of communication; we use it every day to talk with our friends and family. So why not add it to your marketing strategy? Two-was SMS messaging helps decrease support response times and lets you quickly send personal messages with higher retention rates. Try implementing a two-way SMS strategy to your funnel and let us know how it goes! We would love to chat about your strategy and help with any questions you might have. Send us a message at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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