Selecting The Right Sales Tool For Communicating With Prospects In Today’s Environment

    You go the distance to build meaningful customer relationships. When your team suddenly had to adapt from prospecting in person, it likely raised challenges. Communication in today’s environment doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire sales strategy, but how do you choose what tools will help you fill in the gaps of your remote prospecting?

    The simplest approach to make this vital decision is to narrow down what tool will help you communicate in the way that best suits your business. Email, texts, and phone calls are replacing what used to be accomplished through an in-person meeting. Read on to learn about the importance of technology in facilitating distanced sales communication.


    Communicate With Prospects Easily And Efficiently

    As a sales leader, you might be wondering how CRM will make a difference for your team. Do you often struggle with reaching out to prospects with the right frequency and on schedule? Communication is vital. AMPED helps you make sales by bringing prospects into the pipeline through easier and more efficient outreach.

    With AMPED’s Click-To-Dial feature, you can automatically dial, log calls, and schedule a follow-up with one click. Increase your productivity and eliminate manual dialing and data entry.

    Plus, AMPED integrates with Gmail and Outlook so that you can send and respond to emails right within your CRM. Schedule sales blasts and follow-ups, and communicate with prospects in a timely manner that will have the best response rate and sales outcomes.


    Take Ownership Of Your Sales Process With A Unified Tool

    The best sales tool will spark your team to communicate with customers in the most effective way. Unluckily, some businesses have had negative experiences using standalone tools for email, texts, and calls. Sales can be chaotic enough without having to worry about managing disparate communication software. AMPED users can place email, texts, and calls right within the application, which helps you feel totally in control of your communications – and it’s intuitive to manage.


    Make Closing Deals Remotely Seem Natural

    While you may have relied on traveling for in-office meetings, knocking on doors, or taking prospects out for dinner and drinks in the past, the current sales environment looks astonishingly different. Adapting with agility is your secret weapon. The right CRM will help you appropriately use technology to close deals in a way that feels natural. You can place and track phone calls, emails, and texts within AMPED, which creates greater efficiencies.


    Unify All Of Your Sales Touchpoints

    The reason AMPED is more effective is because it helps you look at a customer record through a tool that unifies when all touchpoints occurred. If you have all of your communications data in one place, you can analyze prospect relationships with the ultimate degree of accuracy. This empowers your sales team to reach out in the right way at the right time.


    Whether your sales team is still at home or back in the office, you’ll want to be prepared should it ever be necessary to go fully remote again. AMPED is your helping hand.

    AMPED is a powerful sales automation and CRM application designed with core features that allow you to create deep prospect relationships and grow your sales. Along with unifying your sales touchpoints, AMPED can be tailored to fit the needs of any business. Click below to discover the essential value of having your email, texts, and calls all in one place.

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