The prospecting process has changed over the years. No longer are sales reps making hundreds of cold calls a day repeating the same pitch over and over again. Consumers have limitless resources to research a product before they even speak with a salesperson. To keep up with the ever-changing sales process, you need the right sales tools that help you reach potential customers and improve your win-rate.  

    Insert here, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. A CRM application will help you prospect and closed deals in the modern sales era. Before we get into how a CRM can help improve sales and prospecting efforts, it is important to understand what sales prospecting is.  

    CRM applications have become a necessary part of business operations. They help keep your data organized, can automate certain manual tasks, and give you meaningful insights on your data to help you improve business strategies and close more deals. Even with all these benefits, it can sometimes be difficult to get your team to use the application effectively. Implementing a CRM and consistently using the application takes dedication, from the top down. When implementing a new CRM, you might receive some pushback from your users about adopting the new system.  

    In an article on, Dennis Zhinko lists four areas where you might see some pushback and what you can do to counter. We highlight them below.  


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