How a Thought-Based Email Strategy Can Improve Customer Retention

    Overall success for your business relies on acquiring, and more importantly, retaining customers. To improve customer retention, companies must create a strategy that ensures a positive view of your business, adds to market value, and leads to increased sales.  

    An effective strategy to improve customer retention is through one of the simplest forms of communication, emailing. In this article from Destination CRM, Whitney Blankenship defines five pivotal types of emails that will boost your email strategies and help improve customer retention.   

    Creating the best emailing strategy for your business can be difficult and choosing the right application to execute your plan can be even harder. It is important find a solution that meets your company’s needs. 

    AMPED has the tools to help you achieve your email strategy goals. Through features like personalized mass emailing, email access counts, and easy follow-up scheduling you can understand how successful your email efforts are and determine the best ways to replicate that success.  

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