4 Ways SMS Drives Your Sales From Lead To Close

    If you want to scale your business, choosing the best sales-boosting technologies is a great place to start. However, not all sales management software effectively manages the small business sales process, supports revenue growth, or facilitates the customer communication required to close business and build relationships.

    Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a seasoned sales veteran, you probably already know the power that sales automation and communication tools can have when growing your business. Sales CRM software with robust communication integrations and tracking increases productivity of your reps so that they can reach the prospect at the right time and close more deals.

    Communication through AMPED just got an upgrade. AMPED now allows one-to-one SMS sending and receiving with your Twilio or MAXvoice number. Never miss another chance to connect with your client base and start texting today.

    The Power of SMS

    According to Marketwatch, 98% of all text messages are opened as compared to 22% of emails.1 If you’re a salesperson, you can attest to how difficult it can be to get on a prospect’s radar and maintain engagement. The well-timed email or phone call simply is not enough anymore.

    It may seem unnatural to incorporate texting into your sales strategy, but studies have shown that potential customers that receive an average of 3 text messages during the sales process are 40% more likely to convert.2

    AMPED now lets you communicate using the channel with the highest return of engagement, one-one text messaging, all within the application.

    Read on to discover how AMPED’s SMS features can help drive your sales success from lead to close.

    One: Personalization

    Emails and cold calls can make your prospects feel like they are just another name on a list to meet a sales quota. Sending one-on-one SMS messages is a better way to personalize communications with leads.

    Texting makes it easy to send a quick follow-up after a demo, shoot out a reminder before a big meeting, or offer a special discount if the prospect acts fast. These types of personalized messages help gain and retain customers and boost engagement.

    Two: Timing

    Have you ever lost a sale because another vendor swooped in with a well-timed message that closed the deal? Timing is everything when it comes to sales, and SMS messaging makes it so much simpler to communicate with your prospects at the perfect time.

    With SMS messaging, you can quickly send a piece of information to a lead right at the moment they need it. The timing of your message could make or break a deal, and texting gives you more power to connect efficiently and increase customer retention.

    Three: (Practically) Guaranteed Engagement

    We all use and check our phones countless times a day, even more so than we check our email or answer a call—“I’ll just let that go to voicemail.” That makes texting the channel of communication with the highest rate of engagement.

    With SMS messaging, you know your messages have the best chance of being read, so incorporating texting into your sales process will undoubtedly help boost sales and streamline communication.

    Four: Digestibility

    Lengthy emails with shiny images and bulky attachments are not always the best form of communicating with your prospects or client base. Most will skim through your message and might miss an important piece of information. Likewise, voicemails tend to go unheard as someone’s mailbox begins to fill up.

    If you want a simpler way to get your point across, start using SMS messaging to send quick, easy-to-read messages to your clientele. Texts may only be a couple of sentences, but those sentences should contain just the right amount of information that will prompt the recipient to engage.

    Best Practices:

    ALWAYS make sure the intended recipients of your SMS efforts opt-in to receive texts from you and your business.

    As stated above, timing is everything, and that falls into a best practice as well. You don’t want to wake someone up in the middle of the night with an ill-timed text. Make an effort to send all SMS messages within business hours of your recipients (according to their time zone).

    Do not over-send! Nobody likes getting spammed with emails or calls, and you can bet that they won’t appreciate receiving text after text after text after... You get the point.

    Speaking of over-sending—if you are sending out more texts than you receive, you may raise some red flags of your phone service providers. It is important to maintain a balanced ratio of sent and received texts to avoid any complications of being blacklisted from a carrier.

    Try AMPED SMS Today

    AMPED is offering a 14-day free trial of its most comprehensive plan, featuring SMS through Twilio. For more information on how AMPED can give you 24/7 access to your contacts, visit amped.ai.

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