How To Speed Up The Selling Process From Lead To Close

    Imagine where your company would be if you could accelerate your sales cycle and bring customers from lead to close in a fraction of the time.

    By leveraging the right CRM, this goal is not far out of reach. However, the key to speeding up the selling process is not just implementing a CRM but building it into your sales strategy. With powerful sales insights, you can optimize your sales process to be faster and more efficient. Read on to learn how.


    Make Sure Your Sales Reps Are Talking To Decision-Makers

    When you target prospects, you need to keep track of whom you are speaking to in the decision process. Of course, it’s helpful to speak with people who influence a purchase decision if you are just getting “in” with a potential customer, but you want to focus your efforts on speaking with the person who will decide to buy.

    The right CRM can help you automatically track sales calls and email conversations so that you know where you stand with decision-makers. You can reach out anytime, anywhere via phone, email, mobile app or chat. At the same time, you can continue the conversation with influencers by automating emailed content.


    Speak To Your Prospects’ Pains – And Offer A Solution

    It’s not enough to have an amazing product or service. In sales conversations, your team needs to speak directly to the problems your prospects have and position your product or service as a solution.

    You can accomplish this by training your sales representatives to target customer pains in sales conversations, but you also need to keep track of what those pains are.

    With automatically recorded sales conversations, your team can quickly check to see what they’ve discussed with prospects in the past and make strategic decisions on how they will build the relationship.

    In the next call or email, will your reps poke at a problem the customer talked about last time, or will they explore another pain? Visibility of information into past conversations can help reps move from lead to close faster.


    Nurture Leads By Personalizing Automated Emails

    It’s important to keep the conversation going with prospects, even if they’re not ready to purchase right away, because this is what keeps your sales funnel full.

    However, it’s not necessarily the rule that the more emails you send the faster you will move from lead to close. You don’t want to irritate potential customers and encourage them to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

    Emails should be highly targeted to prospects’ needs. That’s why it’s important to have a CRM in which you can segment lists and automatically send, receive, and track emails. With email integration, you can write messages that address a specific set of needs and send them only to the right prospects.


    The best part about building a CRM into your sales strategy is that you can automate time-consuming work. Your sales reps can spend more time speaking with decision-makers who are close to buying rather than sending follow-up emails to prospects who aren’t ready.

    A platform like AMPED allows you to nurture all leads automatically, no matter where they are in the decision process, and track where you are in each sales conversation so your reps can sell smarter. Additionally, the sales insights you gain from AMPED’s rich data allow you to optimize your sales strategy to be more efficient. To learn more about AMPED, visit

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