How To Improve Your Sales Workflows In AMPED With 3 Zaps

    AMPED’s unique ability to accurately and automatically track communications helps you to optimize the selling process from lead to closing.

    However, we recognize that AMPED isn’t the only tool our customers use. That’s why you can now connect AMPED with Zapier to help you build automated workflows between all of your apps – without having to write a single line of code.

    The automated workflows you set up with Zapier integrations are called Zaps. Zaps can either trigger a single action between two apps, or with Multi-Step Zaps, you can chain together as many actions as you want.

    Read on to learn how to improve your sales workflows in AMPED with three Zaps.

    Subscribe New AMPED Leads To Mailchimp

    Finding difficulty managing your Mailchimp Subscribers and moving them over to your AMPED leads? This template automatically adds new subscribers in Mailchimp as leads in AMPED. That way, you can stay organized without lifting a finger.

    Here’s how the Zap between Mailchimp and AMPED works: A new subscriber in Mailchimp is the Trigger that starts the Action of creating a lead in AMPED. Your sales team can then access those leads easily and take the first step in your sales process to convert the lead into a customer.




    Create AMPED Leads From New Rows In A Google Sheet


    Imagine that you’re using AMPED to grow a small business, and you use Google Sheets to stay organized. With the Zap between Google Sheets and AMPED, you can enter lead information in a simple spreadsheet, which will trigger the action to add that information to AMPED.

    Google Sheets makes it easy to collect and store your data. Though, it can be difficult to manage activities and prospecting of that data. Once active, this template helps you manage your prospects by creating new leads in AMPED when a new row is added in your Google Spreadsheet.





    Add New Facebook Lead Ads Leads To AMPED

    Social media is a powerful way to reach your customers. That’s what makes the Zap between Facebook Lead Ads and AMPED so mission critical.

    Facebook Lead Ads is a great tool in identifying and capturing leads. However, the process of manually adding these leads into your CRM application can be tedious and inefficient. This template will automatically add any new leads generated from Facebook Lead Ads as new leads in AMPED.




    Getting Started

    It’s time to get started now building workflows in AMPED. You’ll find numerous AMPED integrations with the apps you already use on the Zapier website. You also have the ability to create your own Zaps.

    AMPED and Zapier are a powerful combination. You can organize your sales information, daily activities, data insights, and deals with AMPED. And enhanced by Zapier, AMPED allows you create workflows with your other tools to streamline your selling process like never before. To learn more about AMPED and Zapier, visit

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