How To Easily Meet Key Sales Objectives

    Every sales team should have defined sales objectives to provide reps and managers with a roadmap that will help the company reach its overall goals. Sales objectives can range widely from a narrow focus, such as meeting your daily sales quotas, to more broad goals, like improving ROI year over year. 

    No matter your strategy, some objectives are so imperative they should always be included in your business plan. For example, process efficiency, meeting sales activities quotas, lead conversion, and customer base growth all contribute to increased revenue. These four objectives are of utmost importance in defining your strategy and performance management. 

    Sales teams can use the intuitive features within sales tools like a Customer Relationship Management application (CRM) to meet each of these objectives. Some CRMs are designed for small-to-medium businesses and some are made for larger enterprises – the right one will be focused on helping reps sell smarter and meeting your goals. Want to know more? Read on to discover how you can meet key objectives more easily with the power of a CRM. 


    Process Efficiency 

    Sales process efficiency is essential for generating more sales. It also helps you to streamline your sales process so that sales come in more quickly. Process efficiency can be defined as the revenue of a process compared to its cost. This is the basic metric you would use to benchmark sales efforts against a competitor. 

    CRM’s automation features eliminate manual work, helping your reps to sell more efficiently. You can automatically update records, send email notifications, or schedule an activity all in the background while you continue selling. Sales automation is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and businesses with tight staff.  

    Time-saving features like click-to-dial let your reps automatically dial, log calls, and schedule a follow-up with one click, eliminating the manual effort of dialing and data entry for every call, and ultimately increasing productivity. 

    With workflow automation and sales-boosting features like click-to-dial, your sales team can focus on more important tasks than logging steps of the sales process into your CRM software. 


    Activities Quotas 

    Sales activities quotas help your business in many ways. Some of the benefits include: 

    • Showing weaknesses in the sales pipeline 
    • Spotlighting successful reps 
    • Highlighting effective sales techniques that should be replicated 
    • Keeping track of sales expenses 

    Helping your reps meet their target is the most important matter when it comes to generating revenue. 

    Let’s say your sales department has a goal of making $2 million this month. In order to get to that number, your reps need to generate a certain footprint. That often means more interactions and activities. 

    The right CRM will allow you to track outgoing communications, including calls, emails, and SMS text messages 

    You know what it takes to win a deal and how much effort, time, and activities go into closing. Use activity reports to help create a projection for what it takes to get to your goal and track if your sales reps are meeting their quotas. That way, you know if reps are putting in the time to close more deals and reach their targets. 


    Lead Conversion 

    Lead rating through a CRM is essential for lead conversion. It allows you to track which leads are more likely to convert into an opportunity or sale.  

    The first thing you need to decide is what a qualified lead looks like. This may be based on the lead’s professional role or how they’ve engaged with you in the past.  

    Then, assign numerical values based on how likely a lead is to buy your product or service. Lead rating helps your sales team to spend their time where it counts. Pursuing qualified leads produces a better return for your business.  

    Once you understand which leads your team should pursue, reps should reach out in the communication channels prospects prefer. 

    Your sales team can leverage multiple communication channels within a CRM to communicate more effectively and convert more leads into sales.  

    CRM allows your team to more effectively target call lists and track the outcome of calls, for example.  

    It also lets reps track their email opens, seeing what subject lines and content work best so they can optimize future communications. 

    With SMS text messaging, your reps can connect with those hard-to-reach customers who are often on the road. 

    With the proper CRM in place, you can see the entire roll up of each point of contact and each activity held with an individual to help you determine how hot a lead is, or how ready a lead is to convert. 

    If you don’t understand which leads are ready to convert, opportunities may slip through the cracks leaving you with inaccurate forecasts, and less revenue. 


    Customer Base Growth 

    When you combine process efficiency, meeting sales activities quotas, and increased lead conversion, the end result is customer base growth. This sales objective is a product of how well you execute on your other goals. 

    Customers make your business. A business that doesn’t focus on growing its customer base will remain stagnant. On the other hand, a growing customer base gives businesses even more opportunity to reach out to additional prospects and win sales, leading to overall revenue and business growth. 

    A customer base is the main source of revenue for a company, but acquiring new customers can be a challenge.  

    AMPEDthe best choice of CRM for meeting sales objectives – for small, medium, and enterprise businesses alike, empowers you to increase your customer base through intuitive features that help you improve: 

    • Sales efficiency 
    • Sales activity quotas 
    • Lead conversion 

    It also shows you key metrics that track your customer base growth over time, so you can stay on target. 


    AMPED is not just a helpful sales management and productivity solution for startups and businesses. It is a necessary component of meeting your sales objectives. AMPED stands out as the sales management software for businesses focused on smart growth. 

    Without it, your sales objectives are likely to get lost in the shuffle of day-to-day activities. If you want to keep your sales team tracking to revenue goals, AMPED is for you.  

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