How To Analyze Your Sales Pipeline To Build Deeper Prospect Relationships

    Building deeper prospect relationships can be challenging, but it’s an effort that’s worth the return. Prospects are more likely to buy from someone who understands their needs and communicates with them in the channel and timeframe they prefer.

    AMPED, an AI-powered sales tool for both large and small businesses, is the perfect solution to organize and track your communications.

    With deeper relationships, sales teams can leverage open communication channels to:

    • Establish share of voice and thought leadership
    • Convince prospects to make positive buying decisions
    • Understand the appropriate amount of follow-up that leads to revenue growth. (This includes when and how often to communicate.)

    Read on to  learn how to leverage email, SMS, and call analytics to gain insights on which communication channel, type of information conveyed, as well as timing and frequency of communication leads to an influential relationship with a prospect.


    Communicate With Prospects In Their Preferred Channel

    All prospects have different preferences in terms of communication format. For example, some buyers prefer email because they’re often in meetings. Others have a complex need or have questions that are easier for them to discuss over the phone. Others yet prefer the immediacy of a text message.

    AMPED offers multiple communication channels within the tool. These include email, SMS text messages, and phone calls.


    With AMPED’s email feature, you can send emails either individually or en masse. You can check your Email Report to see if recipients opened your email, and how many times they did.

    This allows you to target prospects who are more likely to buy – if someone opened your email a few times, they may be interested in hearing from one of your reps over the phone. AMPED also allows you to see what subject lines are most opened, so you can optimize future emails for success.

    SMS Text Message

    Some prospects are too busy to take phone calls, or their inboxes are flooded with emails. In this case, text message may be the best way to reach out. SMS is easy to use, and all sent and received messages are automatically tracked in AMPED.

    Phone Calls

    Sometimes, you just have to get on the phone with a prospect. AMPED offers an intuitive Click-To-Dial feature that allows reps to call prospects with a single click. It automatically logs the call information and allows reps to keep notes on calls within the CRM software.

    Click-to-dial is a highly sought-after sales automation feature for entrepreneurs building up their sales departments. By using AMPED, your sales team always knows when their last call was and when to follow up.


    Analyze Success Patterns

    Each prospect has individual communication needs that may relate to time zone, recurring meetings, and other factors. That’s why analytics are vital for communicating with your prospects. There are many analytics and productivity tools for startups out there, but AMPED stands out by including email, SMS, and phone logging in one platform. You can see a holistic view of your communication channels as a result.

    Analytics within AMPED reveal the success patterns of each communication attempt. This information can be used to tailor future attempts to get the best results.

    For example, sales teams can see what day and time has the best email open and response rates for each prospect. For SMS text messages, reps are instantly notified in AMPED when a prospect replies.

    It’s essential that your CRM not only offers these communication channels, but also provides meaningful reporting, and the ability to intelligently schedule future activities based on these insights.

    With this information, you can use the Calendar Overview within AMPED to understand when to schedule meetings, emails, texts, and other tasks at certain times based on past success patterns.


    Try AMPED Today

    AMPED’s features give sales teams the ability to analyze the effectiveness of each communication channel as well as emails, texts, and phone calls in combination.

    AMPED is an intuitive sales management software that sales professionals require to build deeper prospect relationships. Why? Because AMPED illuminates which is the right time, which is the right method, and how often to engage with prospects.

    Try AMPED today to see what’s working in your sales process and replicate it, as well as see what’s not working and determine where changes need to be made. Visit

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