4 Ways To Increase Your Sales With AMPED

    As 2020 rapidly approaches, customer relationship management (CRM) is more important than ever. If you want to increase sales, you need flexible customer service, cloud-based tools, and process efficiency. AMPED, an AI-powered CRM software, currently offers a free trial that addresses these needs and more.

    Is AMPED the right fit for your company? Here are four reasons why CRM is the best way to increase sales.

    #1: Keeping Pace with Technology

    As Small Biz Genius points out, CRM has taken the world by storm. 91% of US businesses with more than 10 employees now use CRM.

    CRM’s automatic tracking and data visibility helps sales teams optimize sales processes to close deals more efficiently. You can’t do everything by yourself, and AMPED is faster (and more accurate) than any human assistant.

    If those statistics aren’t reason enough to start using AMPED, consider this. “Forrester Research reports that leads nurtured in a CRM system will convert 47 percent of the time, and that conversion rates can improve by 300 percent with a CRM in place,” Business 2 Community says.

    CRM is vital in 2019, and AMPED is the definitive CRM solution.


    #2: Flexible Cloud Data Access

    AMPED keeps all your calls, SMS, emails, and sales insights in one place for easier customer tracking. As cloud computing becomes standard for the industry, access to sales information anytime, anywhere is more necessary than ever.

    If you’re determined to increase sales, you need a cloud-based view of your sales funnel. AMPED keeps that data at your fingertips no matter where you are, enabling you to respond to warm leads without delay.


    #3: Return on Investment

    Is the projected return on investment (ROI) for CRM worth converting to a solution like AMPED? According to current statistics, the answer is yes.

    Your CRM Shortlist writes that “the average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.”

    Thomson Data also reports that CRM software yields 245% ROI when properly implemented. You’ll be doing your sales team a disservice if you try to manage sales processes without a tool like AMPED – 79% of leads that aren’t managed through a CRM don’t convert.

    Investing in CRM is statistically proven to increase sales by broadening your understanding of your customers, which allows you to serve to their sales needs. To that end, AMPED provides unique dashboards and reports, highlighting actionable insights which allow you to forecast and track activities easier than ever.


    #4: Superior Customer Service

    LinkedIn reports that customer service is the most powerful way to fuel sales. What if there was an easy way to streamline customer interactions? CRM is the most effective way to create positive experiences during the sales process.

    3 out of 4 consumers say that they spent more money as a direct result of a positive customer experience. Plus, 82% of customers will completely stop purchasing from a company if they feel unappreciated.

    According to a poll, 47% of companies using CRM say that the software improved their customer satisfaction. Positive interactions during the sales process are the best way to turn customers into loyal fans and increase recurring revenue.


    Business Standard writes, “CRM remains both the largest and the fastest growing enterprise application software category.” Your company can’t afford to be left behind.

    AMPED enables you to nurture leads and maintain customers with its industry-leading campaign manager. By sending, receiving, and tracking all of your emails inside a single software, you can improve communication and build those invaluable relationships.

    Your AMPED free trial includes 14 days of the Enterprise plan. To learn more about activating your free trial of AMPED, go to www.amped.ai.

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