3 Ways AMPED Helps You Build A Better Customer Experience

    The best way to promote customer loyalty, retention, and brand advocacy is to build a positive customer experience. While your sales team is prospecting, you should think for the long-term about how the relationships you’re building will grow over time.

    A CRM (customer relationship management) tool can help you improve prospect relationships in exciting and powerful ways. Read on to learn 3 ways AMPED can elevate your customer experience.


    1. Reach Out To Prospects In The Right Way

    Part of an effective sales strategy you need in order to maximize sales is optimizing how you communicate with prospects. Too much communication, and you’ll exhaust your lead list. Too little communication, and prospects will slip through the cracks.

    AMPED has the communication features to help your team reach out to prospects in the right way at the right time. You can boost relationships by scheduling communications with customers via call, email, or SMS text message.


    2. Empower Sales Reps To Respond On A Dime With A Mobile CRM

    You can’t have an effective sales strategy without flexibility. Sales reps need to be able to respond to customer communications in the office or in the field. Being responsive on a dime can help maximize sales because no deals are lost due to lack of communication, and prospects feel attended to.

    With AMPED, you can take your sales efforts mobile. You can ensure you communicate with prospects at the right time with our Click-To-Dial feature, which allows you to call prospects at the click of a button at a computer or on a mobile device. Plus, AMPED is fully integrated with Gmail and Outlook for communication out in the field.

    Reps have access to important contact and opportunity information on the go. They will never miss a communication touchpoint or an opportunity to close while away from their desk. 


    3. Understand Your Prospects With Data To Deliver A Better Experience

    Another way to maximize sales is by understanding where your prospects are in the sales cycle. You need information on what company they work for and to take notes on what type of solution they need. AMPED automatically captures lead data and logs calls, emails, and texts so you can keep track of the prospect relationship.

    Sales reps can also take notes on calls so they remember for next time what was discussed by simply checking the lead information at a glance. This helps to promote more effective sales communications with prospects.



    Managing customer experience can be challenging when you’re first starting out. With a CRM like AMPED, you can streamline the process. AMPED helps you finetune your sales strategy and provide prospects with a one-of-a-kind positive experience. Hopefully, this overview has given you some ideas for how to kickstart a customer-centric sales strategy. To learn more about AMPED, visit www.amped.ai. Or, you can initiate your free trial to see the benefits AMPED can provide to your organization. Visit www.amped.ai/free-trial.  

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