3 Brilliant Customer Engagement Strategies To Lift Revenue

    Is your business focused on value creation or revenue extraction? Choosing one of these models can mean the difference between brand growth and stagnation. In order to increase revenue, you have to put your customers first by delivering a compelling value.

    Let’s assume your product or service offers a clear value. Are your customers aware of what it is? You can better communicate your value and sell smarter with a customer engagement strategy.

    Read on to discover three tips on how you can transform prospective customers into loyal fans and uplift your profitability.


    1. Be Human

    An article on Outbrain gets to the heart of the matter – it’s critical to personalize customer communications. In 2017, 70% of U.S. retailers said they were making customer personalization a priority.

    You can tailor the sales experience to your customers by segmenting email lists and automating communication in a way that shows you understand each customer’s needs. You simply need the right CRM to empower your sales team.


    2. Be Relevant

    Forbes published an insightful article on customer engagement that says you should avoid selling your customers products or services that don’t address their most pressing needs. If you send an email unrelated to your customer’s needs, that email will go straight to the trash.

    Sales representatives also need to be mindful of conversations that customers have had with your company. Otherwise, how can you continue a conversation? A sales platform with voice integration can help your reps automatically track sales conversations and build customer engagement.


    3. Be Data Driven

    Let’s be honest. You need to know whether your sales efforts are working and what tactics are most effective. The right CRM should offer actionable insights such as:

    • What is the ideal number of calls to make in order to drive a sale?
    • Which time of day is best to call or email?
    • At what intervals should lead-nurturing emails be sent?
    • How long should each phone call be to improve sales success?

    With intuitive data visualizations at the click of a button, you can optimize your sales strategy to do more of what works and shelve inefficiencies.


    Customer engagement is the driving force behind sales wins. You need to make your customers feel heard and appreciated before they make any significant purchase decision. At the same time, you must look at your sales process as a whole to make targeted changes that increase your lead to close ratio.

    Think about your where your sales team is today and where you could be armed with the right strategy and tools. Then, consider making the switch from data disorientation to information visibility. To learn more, visit www.amped.ai.

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