3 Secret Ways To Help Your Reps Improve Sales Efficiency

    If your sales process is inefficient, you could be losing significant dollars in revenue. Ask yourself how much time your sales team wastes performing tasks that other companies are automating. You should also consider whether your sales strategy is determined by intuition or proven data.

    Is it time for you to make an impactful change to your sales process? Read on to discover three ways you can help your reps improve sales efficiency.


    1. Set Goals Based On Data Insights

    Your sales team needs clear objectives to work toward. It may sound like stating the obvious, but you should determine what those objectives are based on what works and what doesn’t. That’s where data comes in.

    Without data insights, your sales efficiency will suffer because you won’t know how to set the right goals. Only data can determine the best ways to win business.

    For example, if you determine your sales process should include three follow-up calls for each new lead over the course of two weeks, this goal should be proven by data to be most efficient in closing deals.


    2. Implement A Powerful CRM

    Where does good data come from? The answer is a powerful CRM. The two key benefits of a CRM are automation and insights.


    Sales reps can spend more time following up on hot leads when your CRM:

    • Automates lead-nurturing emails
    • Dials prospects with a single click
    • Reduces manual data entry


    Sales leads can drive strategic change when your CRM:

    • Provides automatic dashboards that make forecasting easier
    • Tracks how sales reps are building engaged relationships
    • Keeps all your sales information in one place


    3. Train Your Sales Reps On Efficiency

    Once you implement a CRM and use data to determine your sales objectives, you need to train your reps to follow those objectives. Incentivize them to meet specific quotas. Share with them why you chose the goals you did.

    Using a powerful CRM may be new to your reps, which is why you should choose one that’s intuitive and easy to learn. Your reps will probably need basic-level training on how to use the new platform, but it’s worth the small time investment to ensure your improved sales process is being followed to the letter.


    Effective sales management is all about making targeted changes that help your reps do their jobs better. The right process and the right tools are a winning combination for sales success.

    If you think it’s time to empower your sales team to be more efficient, consider integrating a platform like AMPED into your sales process. AMPED helps you automatically capture data and get instant insights that drive sales revenue. To learn more about AMPED, visit www.amped.ai.

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